The Coffee Shop Series


Luísa Fidalgo and Vasco Vieira

Vieira Vasco


Vieira Vasco was born Vasco Vieira in Porto, a couple of years ago.
Since he was little, he wanted everyone around him to be in his creative and probably a bit weird "short-films".
He grew up to be a director after studying "Sound and Image" in Universidade Católica of Porto and is finishing his masters degree in ESTC, Lisbon.

He now splits his time between London, where he's working as an editor and director and Portugal for our project.
He joined forces with Luisa, to create The Coffee Shop Series, and since then, they are one with Maria Ferreira da Silva, our editor. Pretty much like the holy trinity.

Luísa Fidalgo

Creator / Screenwriter

Luísa was in a Coffee Shop in Madrid, August 10th 2012, waiting for a friend who lost her plane and she thought "what would I love for it to happen right here, right now?"

Nothing of the sort happened but the first episode was written.
She sent it to Vasco and the project started.
From then to now, the show is on national TV and everyone is happy as hell.
It's not enough to repeat that since then they are all one with Maria Ferreira da Silva, our editor. Again, pretty much like the holy trinity.

The Coffee Shop Crew

Our crew:

    • Created by:
    • Luísa Fidalgo
    • Directed by:
    • Vieira Vasco
    • Produced by:
    • Madalena Santos
    • Mafalda Moura
    • Story by:
    • Luísa Fidalgo
    • Assistant Director:
    • Maria Ferreira da Silva
    • Director of Photography:
    • Raquel Vidal
    • Inês Machado
    • Assistant Director of Photography:
    • Bruno Lopes
    • Sound Operators:
    • João Almeida
    • Álvaro Melo
    • Assistant Sound Operator:
    • João Correia
    • Camera:
    • Bolota Janeira
    • Bruno Lopes
    • Inês Machado
    • Maria Ferreira da Silva
    • Editing by:
    • Maria Ferreira da Silva
    • Make-up Artist:
    • Margarida Carvalho
    • Graphic and Webdesign:
    • Carolina Peres
    • Sofia Cunha
    • Pedro Reis
    • Sound Mixer:
    • João Almeida