The Coffee Shop Series




"The Coffee Shop Series" are short unusual and surreal stories that happen to “Carol” in Coffee Shops. Carol just returned to Portugal after living in New York, where she studied Visual Arts. Now that she’s back, she’s trying to decide which art to master. What we see is that she goes to a lot of cool Coffee Shops. The broadcast of these episodes, with no more than 3 minutes each, will be weekly. We have filmed and edited stories for about two months in both Porto and Guimarães, which was 2012 European Capital of Culture. Short, amusing, different from what we see out there. Above all – fiction to entertain.

The Coffee Shop Series premieres January 7th 2013 on Curto Circuito, SIC Radical.



Carol is 25 (although she looks 20) and she was born in Porto, Portugal. From an early age she drew on napkins, walls and every sort of physical support that sustained the mark of one or more pencils. Her father is a writer and her mother a visual artist and since Carol was little, she found in the arts a perfect shelter for her “moody” temperament. She likes to be alone, thinking about her “next step”, especially in Coffee Shops, but she has good and many friends. Although moody, she’s sassy, eccentric and fun. She’s not afraid of saying whatever comes to her mind and usually she’s the target of surreal situations. Going to New York happened after she won a scholarship for a masters degree, in the School of Visual Arts (SVA), from the University of Fine Arts of Porto, where she finished her degree in Visual Arts.   Back to Portugal, Carol feels torn between the two worlds – the artistic and hipster Brooklyn and the so-familiar Porto.  Travelling to other european cities will be one of her next steps, as a way to keep the inspiration flowing.