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"The Coffee Shop Series" are short unusual and surreal stories that happen to “Carol” in Coffee Shops. Carol returned to Portugal after living in New York, where she studied Visual Arts. Now that she’s back, she’s trying to decide which art to master. What we see is that she goes to a lot of cool Coffee Shops.

A first pilot season was filmed in Porto and Guimarães (during the 2012 European Capital of Culture). Short, amusing, different from what we see out there. Above all – fiction to entertain.

The Coffee Shop Series premiered January 7th 2013 on Curto Circuito, SIC Radical.

Now a new season is out, filmed between Lisbon and Porto and filled with music! Enjoy.


Luísa Fidalgo
Actress / Creator / Screenwritter

Luísa was in a Coffee Shop in Madrid, August 10th 2012, waiting for a friend who lost her plane and she thought "what would I love for it to happen right here, right now?"

Nothing of the sort happened but the first episode was written.

She sent it to Vasco and the project started.

From then to now, the show was on national TV for 4 months and now the new season is here!

Before Luísa was in that Coffee Shop in Madrid, she was studying acting at The William Esper Studio in New York, where she lived happy for almost two years.

Vieira Vasco

Vieira Vasco was born Vasco Vieira in Porto, a couple of years ago.

Since he was little, he wanted everyone around him to be in his creative and probably a bit weird "short-films".

He grew up to be a director after studying "Sound and Image" in Universidade Católica of Porto. While creating, he's finishing his masters degree in ESTC, Lisbon.

He now splits his time between London, where he's working as an editor and director and Portugal for our project.

Maria Ferreira da Silva
Producer / Editor

Vasco and Luísa went looking for Maria because this name could have as synonyms "machine" or "example" or even "patience".

Besides all these qualities, Maria loves video and to work. In the University of Belas Artes, Porto, she graduated in graphic design, but she's an autodidact when it comes to editing and producing.

She could live in Mozambique or Azores and she would be very happy. Soon, she will travel the world, while studying (3D probably) and inspires every human being that comes in contact with her.


Vieira Vasco


Marta Santos


Guilherme Ribeiro


Bruno Lopes

Assistant director

Luísa Fidalgo

Creator, screenwritter and actress

Maria Ferreira da Silva

Producer, assistant director, editor

Bolota Janeira

Assistant Producer

Patrícia Vasconcelos

Casting Director


Francisco Lobo

Director of Photography

Raquel Vidal

Director of Photography

Juliana Constantino

1st Assistant Photographer


João Correia

Sound assistant

Álvaro Melo

Sound editor


Carolina Peres

Art Director, Note Taker, Graphic Designer

Tiago Campeã

Art Production Assistant

Pedro Reis

Webdeveloper / Webdesigner

Nélia Caetano

Make Up Artist

Mariana Mattos

Make Up Artist

Ana Alves

Make Up Artist

Mónica Morado Pinho

Make Up Artist


This new series is sort of a SOUND EDITION one. Because the team is an unconditional fan of music and because, apparently, so is the world. We are eternally grateful for the willingness and acceptance of the bands, musicians and dj’s in participating with us in this adventure.

Get to know our very diverse musical choices, here.

Grrrl Riot

When Luisa came back from New York and Vasco from London, they re-discovered "Plano b" (a great night "plan" in Porto) and they met these DJ's. They're four - Jackie, Maria, Min&Supa - and they like to say they have fun like there's no tomorrow. This party, created by them, is on for more than two years already and they intend to go on for many more.


Ultraleve describe themselves as "Pop-Electro-Rock proudly produced in Portugal by Bruno Vasconcelos and Nuno Figueiredo" and we agree. Their song "chata" was perfect for our episode and these gentlemen were ok with it. Thank you!

Taylor Fuchs (TBF Studio)

Taylor, besides being a model and an actor, is also a musician. Yes, he's a very talented young boy. He has a studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where he lives and where he likes to experiment. As we do also, we chose this song of his to have a little bit more of him in the episode.

João Vieira (White Haus)

João is a dj, a musician, a producer, a graphic designer and even an actor (fun fact - he was an extra in the film "Velvet Goldmine"). He has been DJ Kitten for 15 years now. He also released four albums with his band X-Wife and now he created this new project - White Haus - that has already released an LP (fresh, fresh). What's next? We never know, but it will be good for sure.

Luísa Sobral

During a tradicional street party in Lisbon ("Santos Populares"), Luísa (Fidalgo) was looking for a less busy bar to get one drink. All of sudden, someone approaches her and says "Hey! I really like your project! Congrats!". It was Luísa Sobral. Fidalgo didn't know her yet (sadly) because she had just returned from the States. As soon as she turned to her friends, they all screamed "Don't you know who she is???". Nop. But she googled her right away and became an instant fan. Now, here's Luísa singing with us. Thank you "Santos".


This band has 75% of Viseu and 25% of Lisbon. And it's psychadelic, like the episode that we put them in. Besides talking in a singing-way (a cool feature of someone who grew up where they did), they're probably the most stylish guys from Viseu. If you want to meet them, go to the bar "Impossibly Funky", LX Factory. It's very possible that they'll be there.

João Só

Give him lyrics and he'll write you songs. Or don't bother and he'll do everything. That's how we imagine and know João. Inspiration is something that he could almost sell. And talent. It was a pleasure having him singing just for us in a Coffee Shop. His new record - "Coração no Chão" - is now out there. Enjoy!

Best Youth

Best Youth are an Indie Pop duo from Porto, Portugal formed by Ed Rocha Gonçalves and Catarina Salinas. After their debut EP - Winterlies - their first LP will be released internationally through [PIAS] Recordings. The first single, “Still your girl”, is already released and being played by major radios stations. We really like them and we won't forget their performance at the Optimus Alive 2012 Festival, where they left us very much amazed.

António Zambujo

Zambujo is a portuguese singer-songwriter that so gently offered us one of his most beautiful songs. A young "fado" singer who grew up listening to traditional Alentejo sounds (sounds from the South of Portugal). His fifth album is out now and it will make you cry (for real and for more).

Some Friday Night

Some Friday Night is the new project of Duarte Dias and Nuno Melo, two of the founding members of Mundo Secreto. Influenced by a diversity of sounds, from Beatles to Justice, this band came out to refresh the musical scene in Porto (or Leça da Palmeira, where they're from).


Salto are composed by cousins Gui Tomé Ribeiro and Luís Montenegro and the young Tito Romão. They're the coolest thing from Porto and even when they were younger they played everywhere and amused us with their so special and unique personalities. New project coming out very soon! Stay tuned.

Ricardo Pinto

We met Ricardo in an unpredictable car ride to a very important meeting for our series. One day we'll let you know. Ricardo is a guitarist and a composer for The Girl in The Black Bikini. With influences of the 70's and 80's rock and punk rock, besides Ricardo in the guitar, Carolina Torres (lead vocals), Gonçalo Larsen in the other guitar (The Hypers), Sales JE on bass guitar (Ramp) and Daniel Cardoso on the drums (Anathema).

Miguel Araújo

Miguel sings, composes and performs like someone who was born doing it. He probably came out into this world singing (not screaming). And he does all these things with simplicity and willpower. It's a pleasure to listen to him and since his first Azeitonas' concerts (when we were little) we sang along. Now, with his solo project, we're grown-up (kind of) and we like it even more.


Moullinex AKA Luís Clara Gomes, is from Viseu but lives between Lisbon and Munich. He grew up surrounded by music and musicians and he often collaborates with friends – most of the electric bass you’ll hear in his productions is from Luis Calçada and the guitars are crafted by Bruno Cardoso AKA Xinobi. He's also very multifaceted and a charming guy.


Guest Stars

The Guest Stars of this series are incredibly special. Some, because we are fans since the day we were born (pretty much) and others, because they are part of the portuguese history of the entertainment and culture. Thank you all.

Get to know them here!

Guest Stars

Carolina Peres

Carolina Peres or simply Peres was a "Champ Swimmer" with just 16. Now she hopes her Design studies will take her far. For now, they brought her to us and to The Coffee Shop Series. She also grabbed the opportunity to slap "Carol" a few times, making it her TV debut. From the pool in Viseu to Fine Arts in Porto, Peres also sings and charms pretty much everyone. She's a catch.

Filomena Cautela

Mena, as her friends call her, could be the next minister of culture. If you follow her on Facebook you'll get it. And maybe you don't even need to go that far. Just go out when protests are taking place and see for yourself how much she cares about our country (and gives back). For us, she's one of the best portuguese actresses and her already long career proves it. Having her with us was a pleasure and an adventure.

Duarte Melo Ribeiro

Duarte lived in Rio de Janeiro, in a slum called "Babilónia". He also spent a lot of time in Rabo de Peixe, Azores, doing good things to good people. He likes video production and many other things. Besides all that, Duarte gave his face and expressions to our episode "Chata". Thank you!

Kimmy Foskett

Kimmy studied with Luisa at The William Esper Studio in New York. Besides that, they lived in the same neighbourhood, which made it quite simple to hang out after school and have a beer or two. Babysitter by day and an actress at all times, she created with Liza and Luisa the webseries "Psychodrama" - - "3 Girls. 1 Therapist." You can find her drinking IPA's in Greenpoint or dancing in the streets to the sound of Disclosure or St. Lucia.

Liza Renzulli

Liza writes, meditates and makes fun of herself (a lot). After graduating from The William Esper Studio 2-year Acting Program and creating with Luísa and Kimmy the show "Psychodrama" - - she loves long walks in the beach and looking at the stars. No. Not at all. When you're strolling through Chelsea, look at her balcony. She might be there. Probably in her pj's.

Taylor Fuchs

Taylor is from Canada but lives in New York. He's the masculin version of Vanessa Paradis and splits his life between fashion, music and acting. He likes to hang out with his long-term exotic girlfriend around Greenpoint. (Yes, he's too good at too many things to be free.)

Charlie Alexander and Jacob Kulesza

Charlie left Australia to continue his work as a model in New York. But writing and films were always his passions, usually behind the cameras. We didn't resist putting him really close to the lens though. Now he's back in Melbourne but we never know for how long. Don't look him in the eyes for too long. It's quite possible you won't be able to look away. Jacob is a polish model. When we were filming this episode in New York we asked Charlie if he could bring us someone that looked like him, from the "model house". He brought us Jacob. Nice job Charlie. Thank you!

Rui Porto Nunes

Rui is a very nice guy and he also has the discrete charm of the noblemen. Putting these characteristics together, this young actor enchants a lot of girls and he also got to us. He's a soap opera star, does short-films and he's a DJ in parties all over Portugal. It's worth it to go look for him. Last time we talked, he was available. Run!

Adelaide João

Adelaide is a classic of the portuguese tv world and a source of inspiration and laughter. And how thankful we all are. It was a pleasure and an honour to work with someone who at her age, still adores what she does and gave us simple life lessons that we won't forget. "Never give up. Never!"

Rómulo Afonso

Rómulo was already in our pilot season for a split second. This time we wanted more of him. He studies Public Relations in Porto and acts in his free time. Molière's "The Miser" was his last play. He also likes horses and he's an farmer at heart.

Dalila Carmo

We saw "Florbela" (a portuguese film about Florbela Espanca, one of our well-known poets, where Dalila plays her) and we got very emotional. We had a coffee with Dalila and we left inspired. A pleasure to work with one of our favourite actresses. She doesn't need much introduction in Portugal, but we can add that she's very, very funny and has a big imagination. Also, endless energy. She'll probably give you some if you're in need.

Duarte Ramada Curto

Duarte has a clinic of alternative medicine in Largo do Rato in Lisbon and he's a very nice guy with many stories to tell. Besides that, he has a dog, Matilde. And she's a very nice gal.


Salvador, Sebastião and Francisco will probably be very popular when they grow up. For now, they were very patient and ate their ice-creams in a very polite way.

Joana Pais de Brito

You can try not to laugh if you sit by Joana, but we'll tell you - it's hard. Very hard. After two years at The William Esper Studio in New York, Joana came back to her homeland to entertain us all. She did several short-films, a film, she's a member of the new John Frey's Theatre Company "Below The Belt" and more recently works at CanalQ. Easy to find in Porto or Lisbon.


Laurent is a mistery. He studied architecture in Porto and now he's somewhere around the world traveling and working. Precisely what we needed to be behind that counter. Besides the mistery, Laurent brought some extra style to the scene. Thank you.

Sr. Antero

Mr. Antero corresponded perfectly to what we had imagined for that specific shot in our episode. It was a pleasure to film him and hear his stories.

Gil Pereira

Gil is an architect and a very complete artist. He draws, writes, acts in his free time and he speaks well. With no accent. He also dances. He lived in São Paulo, Brazil, and who knows if he won't go back if one of his arts call him. For now he splits his time between Porto and Vila Real, where he's from.

Maria Furtado

Maria is a rare beauty. She finished Communication Sciences and she got into TUP - the theatre group of the University of Porto. She also lived one year in Texas, where she hung out with mexicans instead of americans. She now lives in Lisbon and she's not available. Sorry.

Manuel Moreira

From a coffee in Jardim da Estrela, Lisbon, to filming our episode, it was quick and effortless. Manel liked the script and we loved filming with him. Besides being "Zorro" in a musical, he's in soap-operas, plays and he also prepares drinks at Purex, Lisbon.

Afonso Vilela

Because we believe that short roles are as important as big ones, we invited Afonso to be our portuguese James Bond and he accepted, with all the kindness in the world. He came from Lisbon to Porto to film two lines. (Here we're all doing a standing ovation.) Thank you! Besides being a model and an actor, he's also a dad and he's not afraid to ride a bike with people he doesn't know.

Inês Aires Pereira

Inês is funny. She does baby's voices, weird accents and she's jumpy. If you want an entertainer for a day, she's a good option. Above all this, she's an actress. She's in soap-operas, plays and has beautiful flyaway blonde hair.

Fernando Alvim

This guy doesn't need any kind of introduction in Portugal, but for the international crew, he's a comedian. And a big one. He came from a small town in the North of Portugal called "Mafamude" to Lisbon to become an actor and he ended up on the radio (at his first try). Now, besides working on the radio he hosts tv shows and he's also a DJ and a talent hunter. Above all, he's a natural charmer.

Carlos Gomes

Carlos studied at ACT, in Lisbon. In theatre he worked with names like Joaquim Benite, Jean Paul Buchieri and Jorge Salaviza. He has been on tv shows and films and in the last two years he lived in Luanda, where he played music and acted. A short performance in our episode that probably hides a big and multi-facetted talent.

Rita Camarneiro

Rita is not afraid (at all) to say whatever is on her mind and she wins an audience easily and effortlessly. From stand-up comedian to actress or tv presenter, Rita is a fearless charmer.

João Manzarra

Manzarra is a star. He doesn't shine, but he makes the whole world laugh. He recently oppened a restaurant in Lisbon and he's happy as hell. Apparently, that's what he always wanted to do. But don't worry, he'll still be on TV doing his thing.

porto lisboa


Porto's Coffee Shops never stop surprising us. Either because they're brand new and can easily become a "go-to" place or they're old and we are used to them. In common, they have the openness for art and a feeling of freedom that we love.


LX Factory

In Lisbon, we chose LX Factory and its unique spaces. A relatively small place where diversity and creativity are all over it, as we walk by, riding a bicycle or running.

Plano B

Although the name suggests an alternative plan, this “night Club and art gallery” has long ago became one of the main “plans” of Porto. Not only great international dj’s, but also the portuguese next-big-thing stop by every month. When suggested any other plan, we say: “Mmmm… maybe next week!”

Milk & Roses

This Coffee Shop, hidden in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, belongs to nice and fearless italians. It has a great backyard for the summer time and an inside part that takes our imagination to a classic italian library. Grazie mille!

Maria Dentada

This Coffee Shop, hidden inside ACP (Portugal Automobile Club), has sweet lemonades, cookies and great cakes. It is also full of light and from the huge windows we can see the practice cars. It can be fun to stop and observe the first lessons of wild teenagers, anxious to drive. Try it out! We highly recommend it.

Ler Devagar

Walking in “Ler Devagar” (“Read Slowly”) is like entering a world of fantasy, imagination and dreams. Because books are not the only thing we can find here. We can have coffee, lunch or dinner, hear live bands playing, discover new artists and even see plays. We are very grateful to have filmed in this so diverse venue. Thank you!

Landeau Chocolate

With “the best chocolate cake in Lisbon” voted by Time Out, we came from Porto to try it out. And yes, we do agree. Besides that, this unique space was the perfect background for another improbable episode, with a hint of gastronomy in the plot.

Impossibly Funky

This multifaceted place from our Viseu friends (Savanna) hosted Moullinex, the portuguese star João Manzarra, our whole team and even one or two friends. It has themed nights, DJ’s and a whole lotta groove. Thank you Vilhena brothers.

Gelados Italianos do Chef Nino

Ice-creams, Ice-creams, Ice-creams. Of all flavors and all so good. They offered us ice-creams for an episode and their lovely space at the LX Factory for another. Thank you!

Galerias de Paris

When you open “Galerias” door, besides that it could feature in a classic american western, it seems that we’re walking in to find Paris. Or “Portugal dos Pequeninos” (a themed park for children in Coimbra, where everything is little). Or a mixture of both, which makes this place a unique experience. It’s a restaurant, a gallery, a venue for concerts and other artistic interventions and a bar. Thank you for the kindness and patience during our shooting! (Sometimes we got lost with the collectables that are “in exhibition” all over the walls! Sorry.)

Era uma vez no Porto

Blue is the colour that abounds here. And if it’s not, that’s the one we choose. Blue makes us think of the sky, of Porto and many other nice things. Like this place. Nice, homey and perfect for our episode’s story. Thank you!

Chá Clube

“Chá Clube” is a Tea House that could also be a Secret Society Club. A private club where people would go to discuss matters of extreme importance, while eating scones, cakes, drinking tea or coffee and even, for the most rebellious, to smoke a cigarette or a cigar. A very nice spot for our “mystery” episode. Thank you, thank you!

Café na Fábrica

It was hard to choose between the two possible spaces of this Coffee Shop. We chose the interior one because it was simply better for the “sound people”. From scones to cheese bread, this lovely Coffee Shop won us because of the creativity and imagination that offers us. Thank you!


From a design studio to a bike shop and a Coffee Shop, “BI+CA” is an incredible space to discover when you’re almost done with LX Factory’s main street. Oh! And you can even do your own toast. There’s a toaster in each table. Fun. Thank you for letting us share this space with the world!


Baixaria is a recent spot in downtown Porto, but since it opened it created a lot of buzz and it’s pretty much packed during the weekend. They do events that can be concerts, exhibits or filmed interviews to artists. But it was their room downstairs that took us there. You have to check the writings on the walls and then you’ll understand our choice for this episode. Thank you!


The so-nice owners of this Coffee Shop (that could be placed in London or New York) invited us to film in this lovely space. How could we say no? Besides the amazing juices and coffees, they have magazines that you probably won’t find anywhere else.


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